100+ members! New Index Cards in Note Repository.


We’ve eclipsed 100 members, with many people joining in the wee hours this morning… Quiet night shift somewhere? Anyway thanks for joining, and please feel free to email us, send us notes or practice questions, or requests for content. We’ll try to get some new flashcards done this week, and more notes should be coming soon.


We’re also in the process of uploading a unique set of study notes.  We have access to a set of notes that were written on 5in x 8in index cards, which have been photographed (because it’s quicker than scanning them).  They are indexed by topic, so download one or two, and if you like them download the whole lot.  These may be useful for creating lists or your own “post-it notes” to put up around the house. We’re in the process of resizing the images to make them easier to download, so bear with us, we’ll get them up as soon as we can.




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