Over 200 members, loads of new MCQ's added!


Thanks to all the new members who have joined in the last week, we now have over 200 ED Registrars and Consultants as site members.  In response to our overwhelming poll results (now published, see link in Main Menu on left – 200+ members, 17 votes), most of you (who voted) have indicated that you want practice questions.  Well, ask and ye shall receive.  Today we have uploaded 14 new MCQ exams, as well as a small bank of MCQ’s (categorised by body system).  This is now the largest online bank of available ACEM fellowship exam MCQ’s. Some of them have answers, some have references. Ideally timed for those sitting the 2011.2 exam, and no doubt these will provide some inspiration to get studying for those sitting the 2012.1 exams.  Enjoy.


PS: Well done to those who got through the Wellington Exam. Welcome to the club, and we hope you are enjoying a well deserved break! 

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