2011 Exam Dates

These are the exam dates for this year as listed by the College.


2011/2 Fellowship Examination
Date Location Closing date
Writtens: 10 August 2011 All Regions 10 Jun 2011
Clinicals & Vivas: 28 – 30 October 2011 Gold Coast 10 Jun 2011
Fee: $2,098
If you are looking to sit your Fellowship exams in 2012 (next year) then the exams are held at roughly the same time every year, so if you want to sit the 2012/1 Exam (the writtens will be in mid-late Feb 2012) the time to start studying is NOW!
If you are aiming for the 2012/2 Exam then you have a couple of months up your sleeve, but you should have a look at our Self Directed Learning, Exam Study and Life Tips sections  now.

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