A couple of new links

These sites aren’t new, but both are worthy of a mention on our front page, as we’ve been checking them out lately.

The first is Broome Docs

This is a great Australian site that always humbles me when I read about the cases they deal with in remote Western Australia, with very few resources. Great clinical scenarios with a practical and evidence based slant. Great material for making your own VAQ’s and SCE’s with. If you’re having a bad day at your tertiary ED because the Neurosurg Reg hasn’t been down to see your nanna with her stable subdural yet, get onto Broome Docs & imagine dealing with some of the stuff they see, it’s a great reality check.

The second is Emergency Medicine Literature of Note

This is a great US based site that summarises the latest EM publications so you don’t have to trawl through boring articles. Great for getting a snapshot of what’s hot/controversial in the EM literature.

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