About The Author of ED Exam

ED Exam is created, written, designed and run by Dr Andy Buck, MBBS, BMedSc (Hons), FACEM. 

Andy is a FACEM from Melbourne, Victoria.  He obtained his fellowship after passing the 2009.1 exam (first time), and was glad to see the back end of his desk. Andy has a passion for “on the floor” teaching, but is saddened by the way current ED management (with 4 hour rules and KPI’s) is killing this. He is a strong proponent of “passive learning” for the exam (by having hundreds of lists posted around the house and listening to audio presentations during “dead time” like during exercise, driving to work, or standing in line at the supermarket).


Andy works at Cabrini Private Hospital ED & St John Of God (Ballarat) Private Hospital ED, as well as working 1 week a month as a locum ED Physician at the Royal Darwin Hospital.  He also does locum work at Launceston General Hospital, and other various interstate hospitals from time to time.  It is through these interstate locum jobs that he has learned of the huge discrepancies in resources available to ED trainees around Australia and NZ, and this site was created to help (to some degree) rectify this situation. 


Running and maintaining a website is time consuming, so if you’d like to help Andy out, or have some valuable exam advice for Advanced ACEM trainees, feel free to send him an email.