ACEM 2012.1 Written Fellowship Exam – 2 weeks to go! Are you ready?

Well the big day is only a couple of weeks away for those planning on sitting the ACEM Fellowship written exam for the first half of this year. By now you should have done at least 3 or 4 full practice written exams, and had them marked. You should have found your weak points and addressed them, so you can spend the next couple of weeks polishing your strong points. You should also have started your preparation for the clinical section of the exam, and have started to practice short and long cases, and SCE’s.

In the next couple of weeks you should keep doing practice VAQ’s & SAQ’s, mainly to keep your writing hand stamina up, and to get your answers as succinct as possible.

Make sure you’ve got your writing equipment sorted out, with a supply of good pens, a correct pencil for the MCQ, and eraser, sharpener etc. Make sure your timer works, and that you have a backup method of keeping time in case your primary timer fails.

Now is the time you need to start planning how and when you’ll get to the exam venue. Will peak hour traffic delay you getting there, and if so, would you be better catching public transport?

Have a think about sustenance on the day, and make sure you’ll have access to your preferred caffeinated beverage, as well as snacks for in between sections.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, now is the time to be getting sleep. Late night cramming sessions at this stage may help get you over the line, but they’re just as likely to make you tired, and impair your performance. Stay off the Temazepams, don’t drink any booze, and if you’re having trouble sleeping do some exercise, meditate, and practice some positive visualisation.

Good luck, and we’ll see you on the other side!

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