ACEM Digital Media on vimeo – a great new ED training resource

In the recent spirit of modernisation at the College, ACEM has started a vimeo channel.  Here you will find an array of video material, some will be helpful for your training, some is of general interest, and other content will give you an insight the range of activities going on at ACEM that you might otherwise be oblivious to, like the Indigenous Health & Cultural Competency series. There’s also a whole series of videos from the last ACEM conference in Adelaide in case you couldn’t get there, but it seems they haven’t included the presenters slides, which reduces their utility a bit.

The easiest way to find the videos related to training and exams is probably to look at the bar with all the numbers in it (Videos/Likes/Following etc), hover over Collections and click on Channels. There’s a lot of videos about the WBA’s in particular that I suggest you get familiar with, as these will be very useful as the WBA’s are phased in over the next year or so.

Here’s an example of one of the Workplace Based Assessment videos:

Not many specialty colleges are putting this much effort into providing digital content for their trainees, so make sure you utilise this great new resource from ACEM, as I’m sure it will grow over time to become an excellent repository of training information.

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