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You may have noticed the links appearing in the column on the right, and in the menu across the top (the “Buy Textbooks” link). These are affiliate links to Amazon & Fishpond (which is Australian), two online book retailers. I’ve gone through the syllabus for the ACEM Primary and Fellowship exams, and have put links to all of the available textbooks for these exams on the site. If you click on the links and end up purchasing a textbook I get a small commission, which will help keep EDExam running, and the books don’t cost you any more than if you go to the site directly.

I’ve gone to a bit of effort to go through the primary and fellowship exam syllabus, find the latest editions and make sure the links are accurate, so if you’re in the market for textbooks please use the affiliate links, as it will help keep EDExam alive, and will save you time as you don’t need to be wasting time trawling the net looking for books or going to bookshops.

One or two of the books aren’t on the syllabus but are still “must read” books before the fellowship exam, if you have any other suggestions, please let me know.



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