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For those who aren’t aware, ACEM has started a new course, the Emergency Medicine Certificate, which starts this year, and will soon have the more advanced Diploma course. You may as well get to know about it now as there are already about 70-odd people enrolled, so you’ll most likely meet someone doing the course sooner rather than later. These courses have received separate funding from the official ACEM training program, and provide those who don’t want to commit to a full specialty course the chance to upskill in Emergency Medicine. The good news for ACEM trainees and FACEMs is that the online course content is acessible for free. It consists of various modules, with audio/visual presentations and videos going through all of the main “core” Emergency topics.

Below you’ll find step by step instructions on how to access the content (ACEM members only), and we’d strongly encourage new trainees (pre-first part), junior and senior Registrars, and interested FACEMs to take the time to have a look at this resoource, as nothing like it exists for ACEM trainees, and it’s a valuable source of College endorsed, up to date, practical Emergency Medicine information and knowledge in an easy to digest format.

Below you will see screenshots of how to access the course content: click on the photos to enlarge, and follow the arrows/instructions:

1) Go to & click on the “E-learning” tab


2) Click on “Login”


3) Enter your username & password


4) Click on “Courses


5) Click on EMC learning materials link


6) And you’re in!! Browse through the content, and click on any topic that interests you.
NB: Some of the topics appear in “popup” windows, so if you click on a topic and it doesn’t open, make sure you have popups enabled


7) Here’s a few snapshots of some of the content:

Audio-visual presentations (in a slideshow format, with narration)



Snapshots of the video content



Now a cynic would say “why don’t they have this content made for trainees?”, and we can all think of colourful answers, but the fact is you can acess this stuff fairly easily, so I’d encourage all ACEM trainees to have a look through, as it will definitely boost your core EM knowledge, and provide you with an invaluable insight into what you’re getting yourself into as a career. It will also help you learn rapidly about topics that often take a few years of working in Emergency to get your head around, and will fast-track your knowledge and skill acquisition. Most FACEMs I know who’ve had a look through all admit to having learned something from browsing through the EMC content, so there’s something there for everyone, and this resource will be sure to expand as time goes by.


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