IMPORTANT: ACEM Training program update – 2015 and beyond

ACEM has released an update regarding the transition arrangements for the new Fellowship training program.  If you are a mid-level or advanced ACEM trainee, make sure you read this page on the ACEM website as soon as possible, as it details very important changes to the requirements for advanced training, detailed information on workplace based assessment requirements, as well as detailed transition arrangements to the new program that will take effect from 2015.

Perhaps most importantly (for me as the author of this site) is the new Fellowship exam structure, outlined here.

As you can see, the new exam will consist of separate written and clinical components held (it would seem) at different times (instead of doing all in one weekend).  The written component will consist of:

  • An increased number of MCQ’s
  • An increased number of SAQ’s which incorporate VAQ’s
  • Extended Matching Questions (EMQ’s) – a new question format for the exam

The EMQ’s are an interesting addition, and theoretically have similar validity/reliability to traditional MCQ’s, but are better at testing problem solving and clinical reasoning. Click here to download a document from the RACP which explains EMQ’s and gives some examples. No doubt there will be some consternation about these questions, as I think unless extremely well written, they can still be quite subjective, however I’ll endeavour to provide all the resources I can to help with this new section.

The clinical component of the exam has at last had the subjective long case and short case components removed, (phew!) and will now consist of a single OSCE exam, containing more stations than the previous exam format. This is a drastic improvement, as the previous format did not test us on anything we actually do at work, and was extremely luck-based and subjective.  The OSCE format is much fairer, standardised and ensures everyone is on a level playing field.

Here’s a summary of the exam changes, but make sure you read all of the documents from ACEM about the transition to the new program, and if you’re unsure about anything, speak to your DEMT or ACEM ASAP!

New Fellowship Exam copy

New Fellowship Exam



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