Amal Mattu: ECG's for the Emergency Physician – book review

This is a quick review of Amal Mattu’s (one of the Godfathers of Emergency Medicine Education!) excellent book: ECG’s for the Emergency Physician 1 ( ECG’s for the Emergency Physician 1
). It is essentially a question and answer format book of ECG’s, with 50-odd ECG’s in the front half, each with a short question stem, and the back half of the book is where you’ll find the answers. It starts out with fairly straightforward ECG’s, and they get more tricky as you progress. The answers are succinct, but expand on electrophysiologic and clinical concepts as required. I used this book when preparing for the Fellowship exam as it almost exactly mimics the style of questions you will get in the exam (mainly the VAQ’s and SCE’s), with a short question stem, and an ECG to describe & interpret.

I photocopied the book (sorry Amal and your copyright lawyers), and cut the ECG’s out, and did the same with the answers, and pasted the answers on the back of the corresponding cards, so I could use them as flashcards (rather than having to flick through the whole book looking for the answer to each ECG). Although blatantly illegal, I just found it more efficient to do it this way, and it was a great way to add some variety to my study time. (ie I’d do an hour or two of textbook slog, then break it up by doing some ECG flashcards).

ECG Intepretation is an “Expert” level topic in the Fellowship exam, and this is one way to really hone your ECG skills. Great book and highly recommended.

There’s a second volume you can also get if you really want to go nuts ( ECGs for the Emergency Physician 2
), but volume 1 will probably suffice for most people.

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