Are you interested in the ICU Fellowship? Check out Crit-iq

Crit-iq is a fantastic Australian online resource for those sitting the ICU Fellowship Exam. As there are a growing number of people who are doing the couple of extra years of ICU training post ED Fellowship and having a crack at the ICU exam, we felt we should let you know about this site. It’s run by Todd Fraser, an Intensivist (and an old uni colleague of mine – that’s the only conflict to declare) and he’s done a sterling job with the site. Apart from looking awesome, the site contains a veritable goldmine of information for ICU exam candidates. Rather than review every aspect, (as the site is so comprehensive), here are some highlights:

Videos of “hot case” clinical examinations with real ICU patients, learning modules, a data interpretation site (similar to our VAQ’s), a library of journal articles and article reviews, practice questions, position statements from all the main critical care societies, podcasts, vodcasts, links, notes, an iphone app, and more! They also send out regular email updates, as well as a facebook page and twitter feed.

Phew! As you can see this is an amazing resource that is growing by the week. It costs, but if you’re going to have a crack at the ICU exam you’d be mad not to join. They also offer departmental memberships, so if you’re in an ICU with several trainees, talk to your boss about a group membership. Big up to Todd for a job well done, we can only aspire to be like Crit-iq one day!

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