Becoming an Expert with Deliberate Practice

I’ve recently discovered a new blog called Expert Enough, by a guy called Corbett Barr.  It’s a great site with lots of articles on educational and learning theories.  One recent post stood out to me, and that was the post on Deliberate Practice, as I think it contains a lot of good advice for people studying for Fellowship Exams.

In the article, Corbett discusses some research which shows that deliberate practice which you are motivated to do and intentionally concentrate on, which takes into account your pre-existing knowledge and current skill level, which you repeatedly perform and receive immediate feedback on will lead to better results.  Sounds like common sense right?  The point is that simple practice is not enough.  Thos who have spent hours at their desks sweating over VAQ and SAQ answers will recognise that you will improve faster and get better results if you apply these principles.

There’s some other great articles on how shortcuts to becoming an expert don’t really exist, and a great discussion of the much quoted 10,000 hour rule for becoming an expert (which is incidentally 40 hours a week for about 5 years – the average length of a specialty training program!)

Expert Enough is a great site, with plenty of interesting reading for those interested in becoming an expert and learning about how to learn, highly recommended.


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