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Approach to the “teaching” OSCE

This is a great article written (and reproduced with permission) by Andrew Perry, a FACEM from Adelaide, with input from the venerable Don Liew, FACEM from Melbourne and director of the Teemwork Fellowship Exam preparation course. I hope you find it useful. APPROACH TO THE “TEACHING” OSCE STATION It is likely that at least one […]

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Simulation For The ACEM Fellowship OSCE Exam Course

This is a quick post to announce a new course that I think will be helpful for those facing future incarnations of the ACEM FE OSCE exam. Eduacute is a new education company based in Queensland who will be running half-day prep courses called Simulation for the OSCE Exam that will give participants intense hands-on […]

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Inaugural VIC FACEM Study Group Session

Today was the first (and introductory) session of the new VIC FACEM Study Group. (This is the re-branded “James Hayes sessions”).  Today Don Liew and Victor Lee ran through the new exam format, with loads of pearls for those preparing to sit in the next 12 months.  Victor spoke about the MCQ, EMQ and SAQ, […]

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The Angoff method and post-hoc standard setting – the new language of ACEM Fellowship Exam marking system

WARNING: This post has been written from my own research into standard setting, and how I think it will be applied to the new fellowship exam. ACEM has supplied no information on the specifics of how these methods are being used so I cannot guarantee that my opinion accurately reflects the process being used in […]

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Fallout from the 2015.1 written exam and more (better late than never) ACEM fellowship exam resources

So the 2015.1 written exam happened a few of weeks ago, and perhaps not unexpectedly, there are a lot of disgruntled candidates out there.  You can read more about the specific issues raised by people who sat the exam over at Emergencypaedia. An Open Letter to ACEM (March 2015) Dr Edward Reje’s New Exam Verdict I’d […]

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Good luck for the ACEM 2015.1 written fellowship exam!

A quick post to wish the brave souls heading in to the first of the new format, 2015.1 ACEM Fellowship written exams this Friday all the best. Image Source We will all be thinking of you, and there’s a lot of us who will be waiting with bated breath on the other side, as the new […]

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Better late than never – ACEM releases more information on the new Fellowship Exam

With less than 100 days to go to the 2015.1 exam, ACEM has finally released some specific details about the upcoming exam format, in particular the OSCE. They’re not that easy to find, but head over to the Fellowship Exam page on the ACEM website, and click on the two tabs on the right: “2015 […]

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2015.1 Fellowship Exam preparation – An insider’s perspective

I’m receiving a lot of requests about information for the new exam format, and as there is so little information available that I’ve started asking registrars who are preparing for the exam to share what they are doing, in the hope that some of you who are under-resourced may benefit, and so that people around […]

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Fellowship Exam Resources: 2015 Onward

I have just spent the last couple of hours trawling through the 20-odd websites that have ACEM Fellowship Exam specific material looking for tips and advice for the upcoming 2015 Exams. And I was startled by the total lack of information! I have therefore started a new, free page listing links to resources that I […]

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