Coming Soon: Emergency Trauma Management Course

Well the cat is pretty much out of the bag, (thanks to Minh over at the PHARM Podcast) the reason my posts on EDExam have slowed down a bit is because I’ve been spending nearly all of my spare time in the last 9 months working on a new project. Utilising the results from our Trauma Education Needs Survey, (thanks to all who participated), Amit Maini (from and I have created a new Emergency focused trauma course, called the Emergency Trauma Management Course (ETM Course).

The course manual is nearly complete, we’re about to start recruiting our first batch of instructors, and the aim is to launch the course in late 2013.

The logisitcs involved in getting a new course like this off the ground are immense, so we still have a lot of work to do, but if you are at all interested in the Emergency Department management of trauma, I’d encourage you to head over to our website, register your interest on our contact page, (we won’t spam you, I promise), and check out the course description. With contributions from a range of local and international Emergency Medicine and Trauma experts, based on modern educational concepts, the course features include:

  • Interactive course manual available in iBook format and onilne via moodle
  • Web 2.0 features including: blog, videos and podcast
  • Minimal lectures on course days
  • Strong focus on scenarios, small group teaching sessions and skills workshops

All delivered by Emergency Medicine experts, for anyone who manages trauma in the ED.

We have also created a new blog related to this, Resus Room Management, (RRM) where we are fleshing out the human factors and non-technical skills involved in delivering optimal resuscitation care in the ED. RRM will be taught as part of the ETM Course.

So stay tuned, more updates will follow as the course launch nears, and I look forward to bringing you a world leading trauma course, designed by Emergency Physicans, for modern Emergency Medicine practitioners.


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