Coming Soon

We are busy working on several new aspects of the site that we hope you’ll find useful.


Study Note & Practice Question Repository: 

The call is out to FACEMs who have notes/questions on their computer hard drives to philanthropically donate them to this site. If you know anyone who has just passed the exam, send them a link to this site & suggest they donate today to make your exam experience easier! We have an intial set of MCQ’s and one full set of study notes up, but will be loading more in the near future.



We are in the process of designing flash cards that you can download, edit and print out to save you having to write out all of the boring lists that you’ll need to learn for this exam.  Please check back regulalry as these will be updated soon.


Brain Teasers:

We have a couple of these up already, but will be posting more soon.  They are short questions/answers on classic topics that come up in the exam, and highlight common pitfalls and pearls.  Something to take a look at if you’re sick of plodding through the books.