EDExam now on EM:RAP

Everyone knows EM:RAP, and Mel Herbert, the expat Aussie Emergency Physician who moved to Los Angeles and started the most famous medical podcast, in the world, several years ago.


Well I was lucky enough to meet Mel recently at the ACEM conference in Adelaide, and he invited Amit Maini and I to host the new Australian edition of EM:RAP.  That’s right. Every month from now on, via the EM:RAP website, you can listen to a local, Australian perspective on the topics discussed on the show.

We’ve just done the first edition, and covered the January 2014 episode of EM:RAP, so if you’re a subscriber, log in via the website, go to the January 2014 edition and scroll to the bottom – and there we are.

If you’re not a subscriber, I highly recommend you get on board and use some of your CME allowance to subscribe (Registrars & RMO’s get a discount). Don’t do it for us, we’re just the icing on the cake, but do it to hear some of the brightest minds in the Emergency Medicine world talking about all hot current topics in Emergency Medicine. And now you also get the local, down-under, 4-hour-ruled, practical, fun Australian perspective. Don’t know what a BSL of 216 means? Don’t stress we’ll tell you.  Can’t be bothered looking up what Vicodin, Percocet or Versed are? No worries, we’ll tell you! Want to know what we do the same, and what we do different from those crazy Yanks? Relax, we’ll tell you.

The next edition is coming soon, so what are you waiting for?


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