ED Exam Newsletter October 14th, 2011

What’s New at ED Exam?

Busy week this week, with both of our kids sick with nasty respiratory infections, (I can see how non-medical parents freak out at 3am and drag their toddler with an obvious viral infection into the ED, as they can look bloody sick at home when both the parent & toddler are delirious!).  So anyway, I thought I’d continue the theme with the next quesiton in our VAQ series: a toddler with a respiratory infection.

For those off to the Gold Coast, you should be polishing your stethoscopes, making sure you have a few giveway toys in your briefcases for your paeds case, practicing any of the system examinations that you aren’t 100% up to speed with, and getting some sleep. Do some meditation/visualisation of yourself being calm, focussed and “switched on” on the day, as this will help clear your thoughts and put you in a positive mindset for the exam.  Also, double check your flight and accommodation bookings, and with the airline chaos/strikes happening at the moment, our suggestion to arrive a few days early is doubly relevant. Make sure you’ve read our Gold Coast Tips post, as there’s some useful pointers in there.

For those looking at exams in 2012, it’s time to start getting serious!  The 2012.1 application closing date is December 16th, (you should have applied already).  After the Gold Coast clinicals are done our attention will turn to those sitting the writtens in February, with more VAQ’s and SAQ’s coming up. The 2012.2 exam is under a year away, so you should have started studying by now as well!

Lastly the next course run by Teemwork/Don Liew has been announced for June 2012, check out their website or our post for details.


Andy Buck
ED Exam

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