Emergency Medicine Tutorials

Can’t believe we hadn’t stumbled across this amazing site until now! EMT is a great online resource, with a collapsable menu down the left hand side that is the equivalent of a textbook index. Hidden away in these directories you will find oodles of information, most of it’s in nice succinct summary format, there’s journal articles to download, loads of references, as well as free mp3’s of a lot of the content, and a podcast you can access via iTunes, and it’s all written from the Aus/NZ/ACEM-Exam perspective.

As they clearly state on the welcome page, “you won’t find everything you need to know” on the site, but it’s still a bloody good resource for those preparing for the exam.

There’s also some really good practical tips for those starting out in ED, and some great “self care” tips for those Registrars slogging it out day to day in busy ED’s, some of which you can apply to your study routine.

Here’s an example of a simply written, but really useful tidbit of information from the site: Dental Anaesthesia.


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