EMRAP Aussie Edition – Free Episode – Vera Sistenich Part 1

Did you know that there’s a monthly Aussie Edition of the ground breaking, world famous, EMRAP podcast? If you are an EMRAP subscriber, you can download it from the EMRAP site, and you can also adjust your personal settings on the site so that it gets automatically sent to your iTunes, or your favourite other podcast app. (Instructions on how to do this can be found here).

So with the special permission of Mel Herbert himself, we’re bringing you not one, but TWO episodes of the EMRAP Aussie Edition, completely FREE.

EMRAP Aussie Edition August 2015 – Vera Sistenich Part 1

Recently I was lucky enough to get to interview Dr Vera Sistenich (@ThinkSyncs). Vera is not only one of the most experienced medical practitioners on the planet when it comes to the health of disadvantaged populations, but she’s also a thoroughly nice person!

Given the recent events related to Australian doctors openly protesting about the changes to the border force act, the fact that many of us are now treating refugees and asylum seekers in our ED’s, GP clinics, in immigration detention centres and abroad, as well as the refugee crisis unfolding in Europe, this interview about the unique challenges faced by all health practitioners working in this arena is worth its weight in gold.

Doctors against border force act

Doctors in Darwin protesting against the Border Force Act
Image source: ABC (NB: Vera is not in this photo!)

We all have a responsibility to be well informed about these issues so I strongly recommend that ALL Australian health practitioners, including doctors, nurses, paramedics and allied health practitioners listen to this interview.

You won’t find a more insightful, thought provoking and informative discussion on the health of refugees and asylum seekers and perhaps more importantly the interface between politics and medicine in this vastly complex space.

Nor will you find a more useful collection of practical and pertinent resources, skills, references and advice for working in this scene, which to some degree or other, we all are.

There was so much useful information in this interview, we had to split it in to two parts. Part 1 is in this post, part 2 will be up soon. If you want to read any of the excellent references that Vera mentions in these interviews, you can find them here: References.

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