Everything you could possibly want or need to know about shoulder dislocation.

It had to happen at some point.  So many reduction techniques, so many eponymous names, which ones work, which ones don’t, what’s the evidence for this technique vs that technique, my old boss showed me  this neat trick, works every time… Nitrous vs midaz vs Propfol vs accupuncture vs hypnosis, do you use a towel, a sheet or a foot in the axilla? Do you need to learn scapular manipulation or Orthopaedic Registrar manipulation?

Well now you can forget everything you’ve ever heard about shoulder dislocation and start from scratch. Check out shoulderdislocation.net, the best, most comprehensive, beatifully laid out site on shoulder dislocation you’ve ever seen. 13 videos and loads of articles on different reduction techniques, aftercare advice and more. For those just starting to learn about reducing shoulders, it will be invaluable, but there’s plenty there for the experts amongst us as well.


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