Fellowship Exam Resources: 2015 Onward

I have just spent the last couple of hours trawling through the 20-odd websites that have ACEM Fellowship Exam specific material looking for tips and advice for the upcoming 2015 Exams. And I was startled by the total lack of information!

I have therefore started a new, free page listing links to resources that I think will be useful for people sitting in 2015, in particular those that have content on the structure of the new exam, technique advice, practice questions and general exam tips. As you’ll see, there’s not a lot out there now, but this will surely improve in the coming months.

You can access the page by clicking here, or by looking in the “Free Stuff” menu above.

I’ll also hopefully be starting a new EDExam Question Bank that will replace the old VAQ’s and SAQ’s on the site, as they are now void!

To those signing up to the 2015.1 exam, like the Starship Enterprise, boldly going where no exam candidate has gone before, good luck on your mission, and I’ll endeavour to collate any useful information about the exam on the new resource page.

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