FE Resources 2015 Onwards

Below is a collection of links to ACEM Fellowship Exam resources that have either been created, updated or modified for the new exam structure starting in 2015. If you know a good resource we can add to the list, please contact Andy here.

Victorian FACEM Study Group (formerly the “James Hayes Sessions”)

Back again for 2016, advanced trainees in Victoria sitting the 2016.2 Fellowship exam are invited to attend the free Victorian FACEM Study Group. A weekly exam-prep series run by a dedicated group of Victorian FACEMs. Click here to see the timetable. Commences April 18th, 2016.

New Exam Structure

  • ACEM Website: New exam format described in detail (click on “2015 Onwards” tab)
  • Update 22/11/14New resources added to ACEM Websiteclick here for details
  • Update 23/3/15 – More new resources added to ACEM Websiteclick here for details
    • Includes an online module describing the new exam process in detail – it is highly recommended that you review the online module if you are contemplating sitting the fellowship exam.
  • TJDogma: Trevor Jackson describes the new format

Trauma skills

Want to improve your trauma knowledge before the big exam? Do you want to be taught crucial resus room management and team leading skills so you can confidently perform in the OSCE, and more importantly on the floor once you’re a Consultant? Then check out the ETM Course. Specifically designed to teach the modern, Australasian, Emergency Medicine approach to trauma reception and resuscitation.


Practice Questions

  • TJ Dogma: ACEM SAQ example items from DEMT Discussion Group
  • ACEM Fellowship: Brand new site, lots of questions in new format.
  • Medinuggets: Another new & growing resource, with some EMQ’s and SAQ’s
  • EmergencyPedia: Andrew Croggins’ goldmine of exam tips
  • Auckland ED: Has a growing bank of practice EMQ’s and SAQ’s by topic
  • PA Hospital: Has a couple of SAQ’s, hopefully more to come
  • John Larkin’s SAQ’s: John’s a FACEM from WA who has put together around 50 SAQ’s with answers, by topic.
  • ACEM FEx OSCE’s: This is a fantastic new site by Michael Edmonds (who runs the Adelaide Emergency Physicians site below). It will evolve into a treasure trove of OSCE practice questions – highly recommended

Exam Technique for 2015 onward

Procedural Skill Courses

Want to improve your procedural skills before the exam, or before you take the floor as a newly minted FACEM? Then check out the EDProcedures Courses. Specifically designed to meet the procedural skill needs of Advanced ACEM Trainees and FACEMs (and there’s Junior Docs Procedures courses as well for those in earlier phases of training).


Exam Courses

General Fellowship Exam Tips

  • Princess Alexandra  Hospital Fellowship Examination Manual: One of the most comprehensive exam preparation guides available. Includes entire ACEM Curriculum Framework (warning: it’s 150 pages!)
  • LITFL (James Winton): “How to Pass the ACEM Fellowship Exam 2015 and beyond” – A great set of pearls for Fellowship Exam preparation
  • Let’s Ace’m Facebook page: Unofficial FB page with some tips on “climbing to the summit” of the big exam. Has links to good FOAMed resources, hopefully will get some more useful comments from current “climbers”!
  • shakEM – Christchurch ED site, with some general exam tips and a study timetable

General study links by topic

  • Emergency Fellowship Links: As is says in the tag line “Links organsised by topic and some practice exam questions for the ACEM Fellowship Exam”. Luke Phillips (ED Reg, Melbourne) has collated a bunch of useful links he’s found for various exam topics, and includes a small collection of SAQ’s/MCQ’s by topic, as well as a few OSCE tips. Currently fontrunner for “funkiest design for a Fellowship Exam site”.
  • Bluntdissection – Emergency Fellowship Flash Cards: Taking a leaf from Michelle Lin’s Paucis Verbis cards, this is a small but handy selection of lists on various topics. Great to print out and stick up around your house.