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This site is aiming to become the definitive resource for those who choose to dedicate a year (or more) of their lives to trying to get through the ACEM Fellowship exam.  More than just a blog, but short of providing you with the answers to the exam, we aim to provide as many resources as possible to help you plan for, study for, and sit the exam strategically and successfully.  We will provide mostly our own content, as well as a vast array of links to other resources that those before you have found helpful or even indispensable in their exam preparation.


  • Access to our forums where you can read other people’s tips and advice about the exam
  • Note Repository: download other people’s study notes
  • Practice Questions: download practice MCQ’s, VAQ’s, SAQ’s and SCE’s
  • Links to online resources that can help with your exam preparation
  • Ability to post on our forums: ask others who are in the same boat for advice & tips and share your experiences
  • Study Advice: including detailed, exam-specific information on Adult Learning Principles, Time Management, Study Techniques, Passive Learning, Note Writing and more
  • General Life Advice on how stay sane/married/in work while studying for and sitting the FACEM exam
  • Exam Technique Advice: Learn successful strategies for handling the 6 different sections of the exam so you have the best shot on the day
  • Textbook reviews and advice
  • Technology section: iphone/ipad app reviews, and tips on other labour-saving devices
  • Worst Case Scenario advice: Tips on handling failure and re-sitting the exam


This site is purely for exam preparation.  No comedy. No opinion pieces. No links to non-exam related material. Hopefully no content that will encourage procrastination.  If we slip up and post something non-exam related, please email us and you may win a little prize!

So please signup (FOR FREE) and make use of all the resources we have compiled.  Updates will be added regularly, and the more input you have, you more you will get out of our site.


Study hard, and good luck!

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