Here are some tips on using forums that you may find helpful.

  • Before posting, use search function. Your question might have already been asked (and answered).
  • Make sure you post in the topic assigned forums only, and keep the posts on topic.
  • Do not post your web site admin details. We are not responsible if you get hacked because of this.
  • Do not PM admin’s/moderators for faster response.
  • Do not continue someone else’s post with a different subject. Start your own thread. This way other members can find answers faster.
  • Do not post your question in a thread that has completely different issue or subject. This way we can avoid the answer confusions.
  • Try to thank people who helped you. This can help our forum community grow.
  • Any posts deemed to be in the wrong forum will be moved and might delay an answer.
  • Choose an appropriate subject line: Good example: “Best way to write VAQ ECG answers?” , Bad example: ” Help me please!”
  • No thread bumping, spamming, flaming or trolling. Poster will be banned and their membership cancelled.
  • Do not use all-caps in post titles or post body. This is considered as yelling and you might offend someone.
  • Forums are assigned for most of your questions or concerns. Please post in subject-specific forum.
  • If you do not require additional help on your post please mark posts as SOLVED. Under your first post click on link Thread tools and check ‘Mark post as solved’ link. Please post in subject-specific forum.

As a last resort if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need specific direction that can’t be found by starting your own thread or posting on an already running thread, then you can PM the Moderator… Replies may take a while…