Get Cracking On Your Clinicals!

Alright, tomorrow it’s a week since the writtens.  Hopefully you’ve had a week off, somewhat re-connected with your significant others, had a few beers/wines, and caught up a bit on your sleep debt.  Let your doubts about whether or not you’ve passed the writtens go and move on.  It’s now time to get on with your clinical exam preparation. 

Check out our collection of SCE’s which you can download for free (login required).

Make sure you watch all of our Short Case preparation videos sourced from around the net…

and get started on your long case practice, you want to be aiming to present one long case a week between now and Adelaide.

For the Adelide locals, if you have any good tips on good accommodation, nice restaurants or anything else you think may help our upcoming candidates, drop me a line.

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