How to add a scrollable CT image stack to a Powerpoint slide

Ever wanted to add a scrollable set of CT images to a presentation but didn’t know how? For ages I’ve been trying to figure out how to get CT images on to a Powerpoint presentation in a way that allows scrolling through the image stack like you can at work. One method is to add one static image/jpeg per slide, but this makes the presentations ridiculously large and impossible to navigate through.

After much Googling, attempted outsourcing and trial and error I finally figured it out.  This tip will be useful for a wide range of specialties, from Radiologists, Emergency Physicians and Intensivists, through to Surgeons, Physicians and anyone else who wants to present their own CT cases in Powerpoint!

NB: This is the method for Powerpoint for Mac, on OSX Yosemite. If you have a different setup this may not work!

You can download OsiriX here. (Get the free/demo version)

You can also do this in Keynote using the “build-in” function, however depending on which version you have, the stack of images may or may not be aligned correctly when you drop them in to the slide (and having to manually align 30 to 50+ images is a nightmare), and the scrolling within a slide when presenting is harder, as you can use the arrow keys to go forward, but you have to use the “[” key to go back which is a nuisance, unlike Powerpoint which allows you to use the usual forward/back buttons, track-pad or mouse scroll-wheel to scroll back and forth through your images.




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