Inaugural EDExam Whiteboard Session: WPW & AF

I found that I was explaining this concept (AF & WPW) to Registrars quite frequently, and drawing the diagrams of the heart/accessory pathways on scraps of paper that I’d then throw in the bin, and recently thought “I should just record this on video and put it on youtube so I don’t have to keep drawing this out every time!” Around the same time I stumbled across the Khan Academy, started by Salman Khan who was using these types of videos to teach his nephews in a different city maths. So Ive come up with the EDExam Whiteboard sessions, as a way to provide tutotials for people who may not get on the floor teaching, or need tricky concepts in Emergency Medicine visually and verbally explained.


It took me a while to get the technology sussed, but I think it works pretty well (for a first go). Any comments/suggestions/feedback welcome, and hopefully I’ll get some more of these up soon.



Check out our first EDExam whiteboard session over on our youtube channel.


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  1. ambonsall March 27, 2012 at 8:44 am #

    Very nice explanation of WPW+AF, helped to clarify a few points for me. However I note that Tintinalli, Rosen and Dunn (among others) still advocate treating wide-complex antidromic WPW similarly to WPW+AF (though Rosen wavers on the use of adenosine as it appears to do no harm in VT). Your video suggested antidromic & orhodromic WPW could be treated the same.

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