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This is the iphone version of the famous Drug Doses pocket-book by Frank Shan from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.  Many of us grew up with this book, and it is the quintessential paediatric drug dose guide.  The app takes things further however, with many useful functions that make it a “must have” app for anyone working with children in medical environments.

What does it do?
The main functionality is a searchable list of drugs.  Each is linked to a dose page which contains all of the doses per kg, with most of the indications and the related dose adjustments and maximum/adult doses. It is essentially the same as the printed version, with no additional content, but it is nevertheless the most comprehensive and succinct paediatric clinical drug tool out there.

Bonus Features
Also in the app are a “Code Blue” function, in which the child’s weight is entered, and the doses of all of the main resuscitation drugs are displayed.  Paediatric arrests are hard enough without having to remember doses, so this is a great feature.

There’s also a “Ped Calc” function, which contains all of the main physiologic formulae that you may need in general and critical care paediatrics.  Add to this an incredible set of normal lab values for pretty much every lab test you’ve ever heard of, and a “Cardio” section, which has descriptions of, and normal values for all sorts of paediatric cardio-thoracic procedures and physiologic minutiae that you won’t need outside of a PICU.

Any Negatives?
The only downside for this app is the cost.  It is currently discounted (by 50%) but is still around $5.00 (AUD) placing it in the higher cost bracket for an app, and this only entitles you to a 1 year “subscription”, at which point you need to use the in-app purchase to update your subscription (which I couldn’t get to work despite numerous tries), or uninstall it and buy it again.  The advantage of this is that you are forced to update it, which saves it going out of date, although I doubt the recommended doses of the stock paeds ED drugs such as Cephalexin suspension or Amoxycillin are going to change any time soon!

Drug Doses is a must have app for anyone working in paediatric Primary Care, Emergency or Critical Care medicine.  It is succinct, easy to navigate, and has some bonus features that make it worth the cost (for which it loses one star).  Don’t be put off if you can’t renew your subscription from inside the app, just delete it & buy it again.

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Oh, and for those non-Apple users, (does anyone not have an iPhone?) there’s an Android version too!

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  1. doncuan May 14, 2012 at 10:50 am #

    But does it tell you how to roast your potatoes?

  2. Andy B May 14, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    Believe it or not Duncan, it actually does! (I looked it up before I wrote the review!).

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