iPhone App Review: Wunderlist

iPhone App Review – Wunderlist


Continuing along the theme of checklists, I’ve been searching for a checklist app that “does it all”, and I think I’ve found it. Checklists are invaluable in your study preparation, as they allow you to keep track of topics that you need to cover, as well as other study related tasks (such as booking flights to the clinical exam) and non-study tasks that you need to keep track of, (such as paying bills, social engagements, birthdays, supermarket shopping etc).

Wunderlist is a free app that allows you to create multiple lists, and the best thing about it is that once you create a simple free account, your lists will sync across all of your devices!  If you think of a topic that you need to go over while you’re out, tap it into Wunderlist on your iphone/Android/Blackberry, and when you get home, it will be on your home computer.  Want to share a list of topics with your study group to cover before your next session, write a list and share it with your group.  If (God forbid) you lose your phone/computer, you can access your lists from the online portal. 

Other bonuses:
* Add notes to each item on your lists if you need more detail
* Print, email or share your lists via the cloud
* Share lists with other Wunderlist (and non-Wunerlist) users
* See all of your lists on one page, or separately
* Aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate user interface, with customisable backgrounds on desktop app

Any downsides?
* Hmm, I can’t think of any functionality that I need that this app doesn’t have. It’s great.

Wunderlist is a great app, it does what it says it will, it’s multi-platform, fully mobile, it serves a great need and best of all it’s free.  Ckeck it out and let me know what you think.

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