Learning by Spaced Repetition

This is a great article by Chris Nickson over at LITFL, that goes through some useful techniques that may help your memory and recall of content you are trying to learn for the Fellowship Exam. In it he talks about the use of two programs Mnemosyne (which we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post) and Anki, which has an iphone app. These are both flashcard programs that automatically alert you when it’s time to review a topic or list, and you can use the Anki app anywhere as it syncs with your home computer.

As Chris mentions though, you do actually need to do the hard slog first, and read the textbooks to create your lists (and gain conceptual understanding – log in to our members area to read our article on this) first, but once you’ve done that these programs are invaluable for revision. Chris’s advice is gold, and he must know what he’s talking about as he just passed his ACEM Fellowship exam first go!

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