Need a change of scene? How about working in a flying ED?

Minh Le Cong (from the Prehospitalmed blog) has done a great post about a recruitment drive for the far north-west Queensland (Mt Isa) Royal Flying Doctor Service. They are looking for doctors for casual and permanent part-time positions.  If you’ve ever wanted a taste of the retrieval-life, with only one (and occasionally two or three) patients to manage at a time, no KPI’s, no bursting waiting rooms, no surg reg’s who refuse to see the patient before the CT, with amazing scenery and the chance to see parts of Australia that you’d otherwise never get to see thrown in, then have a think about working in a flying ED.  Contact details are on Minh’s site.

flying-er pc12-on-approach

(Disclosure: I have no interest, commercial or otherwise with Minh or the RFDS, I just think it sounds like an amazing job!)

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