New Project: Locum Central

I’ve been locuming for over a decade, and rely on it as my main source of income now, and I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the locum industry that I want to share.  Locum Central is a new site that I’ve designed and built with the aim of helping doctors who do locum work, and hospitals and health services who hire locums to do so in a much more streamlined and affordable fashion.

Locum Central is an automated, online locum advertising and booking service. Locums can apply for jobs directly online via the site, and health services can avoid costly locum agency commissions and exclusivity contracts. The ultimate goal is to provide hospitals and health services with an avenue to save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in agency commissions, and to provide locums with practical, useful tips on locuming. There’s no middle man and no commissions, so I don’t make money off the locums back, and there’s no exclusivity contracts, so you and the hospitals are free to make your own arrangements without the hospital having to pay a commission, even if you don’t use the site to book work.

Other features of Locum Central include:

  • Location guide: Tips on where to park, where to eat, where to get a decent coffee and what to do on your days off in the various locum destinations around Australia. Using clickable maps, and first hand knowledge, I know this will make your locum trips far more enjoyable and interesting.
  • Blog: A free blog that will provide advice and tips on the full spectrum of locum life, from how to apply for an ABN, travel tips, CPD for locums, managing your locum income, and clinical tips for junior and senior locum doctors.
  • Social media interactivity, with jobs posted to Facebook and Twitter

There’s no jobs listed yet, as the site has just started, but I hope that soon we’ll be able to start posting some locum jobs online.  Any of you who are interested in doing locum work should check it out, sign up for free access, and drop me a line if you have any tips on locum destinations, or locum work in general, and if you have any cool photos from locum trips send them in too!




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