New Year, New Projects, and some changes at EDExam

2013 is upon us, the next written exam is a couple of weeks away, and we passed 1000 members at ED Exam a little while back now, and there are still people joining every week, which I’m really thankful for.

2012 was a really interesting year for me, with new insights into the exam process, the many and complex changes to the training program mooted by ACEM, and I was able to make many new contacts in the online medical webucation scene.  FOAMed (check out the twitter feed #FOAMed) was born, and Mike Cadogen launched the Global Medical Education Project (GMEP), a free online portal to all sorts of insanely good medical education resources, many of which will be of use to ACEM trainees.  LITFL solidified its position as the premiere Emergency Medicine online education resource, but at last tally there were over 180 Emergency Medicine/Critical Care specific websites filling up the blogosphere.

This leaves EDExam in an interesting position.  The niche for content on this site, and the numbers of people who access this site are really very small on the grand scale of blogging.  However, from meeting people from all around Australia and getting first hand feedback, many have found it quite useful for their Fellowship Exam preparation.  I personally feel that this utility is somewhat limited, given the clear demand for more clinically oriented sites.  This combined with the fluid status of the Fellowship Exam process and training program means I’m not sure that my efforts are best spent maintaining this site to the degree I have in the past.

So what are you saying Andy?  Is this the end of EDExam?

Answer: Absolutely Not.

I will continue to post any exam-relevant content, including but not limited to:

  • Updates to the exam process and training program made by ACEM
  • The EDExam Podcast
  • Study technique and memorisation articles
  • Links to other sites with exam-relevant content.

However I will be focusing my energy for now on a couple of new projects, which I will write more about in the near future, and which will be of serious interest to EDExam members.

So stay tuned for more updates at EDExam, and the unveiling of my new projects.  Trust me, you’ll be more interested in them than the Fellowship Exam!

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