ED Exam Newsletter Sept 12th, 2011

ED Exam Update:

What’s New at ED Exam?

The big news from ED Exam this week is a site upgrade. We’ve converted to a slightly more modern interface that should load quicker, with a bit of menu rearrangement and a few little bits & bobs to make your time at the site more enjoyable.  Check it out & let us know what you think.

The next Teemwork Course (run by Don Liew) has been announced. If you’re thinking of going you better sign up quickly, as these courses always book out.

We’ve added a couple of new links, including EmergencyWeb.net (the teaching site for the Gold Coast Hospital ED), which has loads of SAQ’s, VAQ’s and other stuff available for free download, and a funky Canadian ED blog called EmergSource.com, which is also worth a look.

To those facing up to the Gold Coast clinicals, you should be well into doing short case rounds at least a couple of times a week by now, (remember to ask the Medical Registrars for cases) as well as doing at least one long case a week. 

As usual the request goes out to anyone who wants to donate their notes/practice questions, please get in touch.


Andy Buck

ED Exam



PS: If the links in this email are showing up funny on your computer (ie the long version of the link spelled out) please let us know… Ta.

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