Osler – Australasian Emergency Trainees Group

Osler is a new system designed and built by Queensland based Intensivist Todd Fraser that is going to revolutionise how we go about our training, credentialing, procedure logging and more.

Osler incorporates multimedia, interactive and patient focused learning resources to build your skills and knowledge as well as enabling you to record, measure and improve your proficiency. It will enable you to analyse your knowledge and skills deficits during your training and beyond and will enable you to easily and effectively fill these gaps as well as maintain a digital reference of all your procedures, across your entire career.

The goal is changing the focus of our training and practice from one of “doing the bare minimum” to one of “striving for excellence” by creating a performance improvement cycle to measure and maintain your clinical competence.


It is a multi-specialty platform so the Osler team is keen to bring as many Emergency trainees (and FACEMs) on board, so Todd has asked me to extend the following invitation to Australasian Emergency Trainees (NB: I have no interest, financial or otherwise in Osler, I just reckon it’s a great concept – Andy)

“We are seeking any ACEM trainees who would like to be part of a new and exciting online collaborative group, hosted by Osler.  Access to the platform is free for the period of the trial, a minimum of 12 weeks, and is running in parallel with the pilot project of the individual Osler platform.

The platform seeks to bring trainees across the acute care specialties together to collaborate and network online, sharing information about training, exams and other subjects.  They will have full access to all public groups and information including special interest groups and journal clubs.

A specific group on the platform has been created for ACEM trainees (the Australasian Emergency Trainees group).  At present, the group is “public” which means any chatter user can access the group.  If trial users wish to create a private group solely for the purposes of ACEM trainees following feedback, this can be facilitated”.

Any interested trainees can register to participate by clicking here.

NB: Keep an eye out for an email with login details that will be sent from “Salesforce.com” (the platform on which Osler was created) within 48 hours.

Any queries can be directed to Dr Todd Fraser.




Want to improve your trauma knowledge and skills?

Do you find trauma difficult? Have you seen the old linear C-A-B-C-D-E approach fail or cause problems for the trauma patient or the trauma team? Do you want to be taught crucial resus room management and team leading skills so you can confidently team lead a trauma or act as a useful team member? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions check out the ETM Course. Specifically designed to teach the modern, Australasian, Emergency Medicine approach to trauma reception and resuscitation.


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