Pacemakers Made Incredibly Simple – for ED folk as well

Pacemakers are a confusing topic.  Every article or book chapter that I’ve read about them eventually bores me to sleep or just gets so bogged down in weird terminology, non-sensical acronyms, vectors and maths that I just can’t follow it.  Well the other day I was trawling through the twitterverse, stumbled across a tweet from an eminent (ex-West-Coast, now Melbourne-based) Emergency Physician (@tjdogma601), which linked to an article on EMCrit.  I read the article, and afterwards was so impressed I got in touch with the author, who graciously agreed to allow me to make it freely available to you on EDExam.  So here it is, the best thing you’ll ever read about pacemakers: 

Pacemakers for Anesthesiologists Made Incredibly Simple by Arthur Wallace, M.D., Ph.D.

It’s written in everday language, with funny and memorable analogies, and clears a lot of the mist from this befuddling topic.  If you find yourself getting a little lost with some of the more detailed stuff, stick it out, I guarantee by the end you’ll understand a lot more than you used to about pacemakers.


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