PEMSoft – Paediatric Emergency Medicine Software

We’ve just added a new link in the Paediatrics section.  PEMSoft stands for “Paediatric Emergency Medicine Software”.  This is an insanely detailed online/CD resource for anyone who sees children in their Emergency department.  Built over many years, this site beats any other textbook, app, or website on paediatric emergencies, hands down.  Referenced, cross-linked, detailed and practical, it is an essential tool for your ED, and your exam preparation.  You (or your department) can subscribe, or trial a demo version.  An app is on the way too for those that want mobile access.  This resource will really help demystify & assist with the treatment of what many EM practitioners find the most scary & difficult patients in their ED’s, sick kids.  5 star rating from ED Exam.


(And thanks to Merle Weber at RDH for pointing it out to us!)

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