At ED Exam we have a few general principles or philosophies that we believe apply to the process of studying for the ACEM Fellowship exam.

1) All ED Registrars are future colleagues: And as such they deserve access to the wealth of information collected & created by current FACEM’s who in their exam preparations have summarised the main books, written masses of summaries and collected vast numbers of practice questions, all of which should be shared with all trainees to maximise their chances at passing the exam. 

2) Access to FACEM knowledge is a right not a privilege: No matter where you live or work you should be afforded the same access to exam advice and resources as everyone else to maximise your chances in the fellowship exam.  We don’t care if you are “on our team” or work at our hospital, or went to uni with us, or are just a generally good bloke/sheila or a narcissistic pain in the backside. As a trainee you have the same right to exam tips, advice, notes and practice questions as the next ED Reg.  To suck people in to working there, many hospitals falsely claim that they “look after” their Registrars coming up to the exam and provide superior teaching.  In reality this is rarely true, and there is no way to quantify or justify these claims, as pass rates are not published, audited or subject to review, and have very little to do with hospital based teaching and a lot to do with individual effort, and how smartly the individual prepares for the exam. 

3) The exam is not a competition, and there is no quota: So for any individual or any hospital to not share information and knowledge about the exam is wrong.  The marking system is complex but clearly documented, and if you get the marks you pass, so we should all do whatever we can, for ALL CURRENT ED REGISTRARS at ALL HOSPITALS in ALL STATES to help them pass the exam.

4) There is no single right way to prepare for the exam: If anyone tells you to “just do it this way and you’ll pass” – they are wrong.  We firmly believe that everyone’s path to and through the exam is individual, but there are some golden tips, plain truths and good old fashioned common sense advice that can help you maximise your chances at success.  The aim of this site is to collate those tips into one localised resource.  It is NOT a “recipe for success” site.  It is here for you to read in your preparation phase and study phase of the exam, to try various tips, and if they don’t work to come back & try some different ones.  We will endeavour to update our advice regularly, and keep you abreast of the latest tips & techniques to help you get through the exam.


…and finally, the most important piece of information on this site


5) IF YOU DON’T DO THE WORK, YOU WON’T PASS: We cannot state this clearly enough.  There is no secret bit of advice on this site that holds the key to getting through the exam by doing less work, reading less books, or studying for fewer hours.   No matter what techniques you employ you still need to do hard, long hours at the desk, and much, much more, to get through.  At ED Exam our goal is to provide you with guidance and advice on how to plan for, study for, and sit the exam effectively and strategically, with the aim of getting through first go.

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