Preparing for the exam? Check out the Emergency Care Institute.

Founded by ACEM luminary Sally McCarthy, the New South Wales Emergency Care Institute (ECI) is a great resource for those of you preparing for the exam.

Click on the “Doctors” tab in the slider-menu, and have a look at their Clinical Tools.  There you’ll find a wealth of clinical guidelines (mostly from NSW Health) and even links to some useful apps.  

There’s a “Top 20 Sites” page (which EDExam features on!), showcasing the top Emergency Medicine online education resources, as well as a section on Clinical Education and Training with links to various courses.  There’s some quick reference guides to various bits of ED equipment as well.

There is still no “one stop shop” when it comes to Emergency Medicine webucation, but the ECI site has a lot of great, local information for those of you preparing for the ACEM Fellowship exam, and I recommend you check it out.

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