The web has become awash with incredible Emergency Medicine resources in the last 2-3 years.  Even the last 12 months has seen a huge number of mainly American based blog sites with a vast quantity of free material pop up.

This is fantastic for those of you embarking on your Fellowship exam study, and with judicious use of these resources your knowledge and comprehension of Emergency Medicine can be greatly expanded. See our links section for the most useful online exam resources we’ve come across.


There are a few things to consider before spending all of your study time on the web

1) The ACEM Exam is referenced. This is for standardisation purposes and it allows the examiners who write the questions to double reference them, with peer-reviewed, published, quotable sources. Failure to read the prescribed textbooks is one of the main contributors to ACEM Fellowship exam failure. Ignore the textbooks at your peril. Be conscious of how much time you are devoting to the books and how much you are spendnig online. Unless you are using the online version of Rosen (7th Edition) as your main reference book, in which case you are excused.

2) Think of the world wide web like a spider’s web – intricate and cleverly designed, but it’s a trap: During your year of exam study you will procrastinate, it is inevitable, and the internet is an excellent way to lose hours, days or even weeks of valuable study time.  Wasting time on facebook or twitter is cearly pointless, but be aware that you may start fooling yourself into thinking that you are learning useful content for the exam by broswing through all of, when in fact it is incredibly easy to get sidetracked, and next thing you know you’re ordering one of their g-strings or hot pink y-fronts to wear as your lucky undies on exam day in the hope that this will help you get through the exam…



So in summary, the stuff on the internet (including this site) is like everything in life, to be consumed in moderation.

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