Readiness To Learn

Are you ready to learn?

Successful self-directed learning requires that you approach the task with a willingness to learn and an open mind. Preparing your mind to receive information is as important as the process of study itself. Basic factors such as fatigue will interfere with your willingness to sit down at your desk (unfortunately if you are a full-time ED Reg, waiting until you are not tired to start studying will mean postponing the exam indefinitely!). However recognising and addressing the following issues may help you maximise your readiness to learn:


Think about what your motivation is for passing this exam? Is it:




Reputation/Professional status?

Whatever it is, it helps to remind yourself why you are subjecting yourself to this process every time you sit at the desk, before you pick up your book/pen. Reminding yourself of this regularly will help you side-step the inevitable frustrations you will encounter and will help you get motivated and approach your study in a pro-active frame of mind, and stay motivated to put in the extra hour or two when you are feeling tired or ready to give up.

Means & tools

To acquire new knowledge you need the means with which you can achieve this. This means having the time and energy to learn (see the section on Life Tips), ensuring that you have the finances available to pay for study/exam costs, and having all of the tools you will need at your disposal (desk, lamp, textbooks, pens, computer, note-paper etc). Without these issues addressed you will not be ready to learn effectively.


Having some incentive to study will make you more ready to learn. This can be short term rewards (for example “if I study for 3 hours this afternoon I can go to the movies tonight”) or long term (“if I pass the exam, the pay rise will enable me to buy a new house/car”). Creating incentives for yourself will help you get focussed on the task at hand, and rewarding yourself appropriately for your efforts along the way will create a cycle of positive re-inforcement.

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