Revised Written Exam Timing

Hopefully those that are sitting the 2012.1 exam already know about this. Those looking to sit the 2012.2 and beyond exams need to start factoring this into their practice. The changes to the reading/writing times are as follows:

The reading time for all components of the written exam be incorporated into the writing time.

The VAQ exam will have an additional 10 minutes.

There will be no timing announcements during the written FE except for a 10 minute warning before the end of any paper.

Currently: 10 mins reading time, 60 mins writing time.
Revised: 80 mins writing time (note: increased by 10 mins).
Currently: 10 mins reading time, 90 mins writing time.
Revised: 100 mins writing time.
Currently: 10 mins reading time, 120 mins writing time.
Revised: 130 mins writing time.

How will this affect your exam technique? Hard to say what the right approach is. It’s probably worth still spending the first few minutes of the VAQ and SAQ reading all of the questions, as you will be putting information into the back of your mind that will process in the background, and make it less of a shock when you get to each question. Alternatively you could take no “reading time” but instead spend the first minute of each question planning how to structure your answer, thinking about any major points or pitfalls for that topic and how to maximise your points. Regardless, you must still EVENLY DIVIDE YOUR TIME between each question, and NOT GO OVERTIME ON ANY QUESTION. That means cutting yourself off at 10 minutes for each VAQ, and 16 minutes for each SAQ). This will make your SAQ timing a bit trickier, so you’ll need to practice with your timer/stopwatch to make sure you remember when to move on to the next question. However for the MCQ I think it’s fine to have no reading time, as the only thing it was ever helpful for was marking the first few answers with your fingernail on the page anyway.

Got any advice or tips you’d like to share on the new timing for the written section? Leave a comment (log in first), or send us an email.

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