Scrap The Cap

The federal government has proposed a $2000 cap on self-education expenses. This is a worrying, anti-intellectual policy that will seriously harm the professional development of many industries, in particular the medical profession.

A campaign is underway to lobby against the policy, and I urge you to go to and sign their petition, write to your local MP, and lobby as hard as you can to have this insane policy thrown out.

ACEM trainees and Fellows spend many thousands of dollars a year on their ongoing self-education.  Whilst doctors in training do receive a small amount of CPD/CME money, this is nowhere near enough to cover their education expenses. The ACEM exam fees cost more than the proposed $2000 cap, let alone all of the other self education costs of training in Emergency Medicine, including annual ACEM fees, textbooks, website/podcast subscriptions, stationary, attendance at medical short courses such as APLS and EMST, home office expenses and travel to exam courses, exams and conferences.  These are in reality mandatory educational costs of specialist training, and the effect of capping one’s ability to tax-deduct these expenses are self evident, and won’t just harm the medical community, but will also negatively impact on the training organisations who provide paid educational content, and ultimately the patients who will suffer from our professions lack of ongoing education.

I’d strongly urge you to lobby against this policy in any way you see fit, for the educational future of our profession and for the benefit of our patients.


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