ED Exam Newsletter Sept 30th 2011

ED Exam Update:

What’s New at ED Exam?

We’ve started a new section, the VAQ of the week.  Created from actual clinical photos & investigations I’ve been collecting at work, our aim is to build a collection of VAQ’s that you can do as you are preparing for the exam. I’ll be posting one a week.

I’m writing the answers in an explnatory/worked format, with explanations on how/why you should answer certain VAQ’s in certain ways, rather than just a straight written answer that doesn’t provide any background.  Check out our first VAQ from last week, and the written answer (posted today). In the answer there’s some great references on massive transfusion & Tranexamic Acid (which are two of the hottest topics in Emergency medicine this year), as well as some journal references on pelvic fracture (shout out to Fred Mori at the Alfred for the articles). The second VAQ also went up today, a challenging blood gas (with a complementary clinical photo…). Answers will be posted a week after the question goes up.

For those heading to the Gold Coast, you should be really ramping up the short case/long case preparation.  Make sure you are getting hammered by an experienced tutor/examiner, as it’s better to muck your examinations/cases up now than on the day.  You should be doing at least one SCE session a week as well.

As usual any donations of notes/questions will be welcomed with open arms (we expect a deluge after the GC Clinicals when you all pass.  Don’t burn your notes, send them to ED Exam!).


Andy Buck
ED Exam

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