Simulation For The ACEM Fellowship OSCE Exam Course

This is a quick post to announce a new course that I think will be helpful for those facing future incarnations of the ACEM FE OSCE exam. Eduacute is a new education company based in Queensland who will be running half-day prep courses called Simulation for the OSCE Exam that will give participants intense hands-on experience in the types of simulation cases you will face in the new OSCE.

Here’s a description from Dr Michelle Davidson (FACEM) who runs the courses:

“The eduAcute simulation for the OSCE course is a half day intense preparation course allowing simulation practise for the OSCE exam using similar fidelity and resources to the ACEM OSCE exam. With only 4 spots available for the morning and afternoon the participants have maximal practice opportunity with facilitators that have had lots of experience preparing candidates both privately and in hospital programmes for the new ACEM OSCE exam. Registrations for the September courses are opening soon so get online and contact us to preregister for the course. Spots will fill up fast”.

This course has been set up by FACEMs with high level experience in ACEM FE preparation and simulation.  It will initially be available only in the greater Brisbane area and will possibly go “on the road” to reach as many exam candidates as possible!

Based on a few brief reports I’ve had about the 2015.1 OSCE, it was pretty much all simulation, so for those of you unfamiliar with this modality, or those who want to brush up on your “sim-skills” I’d highly recommend that you check this out.

Conflict of interest statement:
I have no interests/involvement (financial or otherwise) in Eduacute or the courses they provide, I just reckon’ it looks like a great course!






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