SMACC 2013: Social Media & Critical Care Conference – this week in Sydney!

This week the most ground breaking, game-changing, modern, international medical conference ever is happening. The SMACC (Social Media and Critical Care) Conference will be held in Sydney from March 11th-13th. With such ED and Critical Care Luminaries as:

Scott Weingart (EMCrit)

Minh Le Cong (PHARM)

Cliff Reid (

The Life In The Fast Lane Crew

Simon Carely (BestBets)

Joe Lex (Free Emergency Talks & EMRAP)

The Intensive Care Network Gang

…and many more, as well as live Twitter streaming, SimWars, SonoWars and live streaming of many of the conference sessions (for people who can’t attend, for free!), and an excellent interactive conference app (available here, on multiple platforms), this promises to provide a new level of conference experience, both for attendees, as well as those watching from outside.

Now for those of you who balk at the mention of “social media”, or are skeptical about the use of it for medical education, I encourage you to get on board the Web 2.0 Rollercoaster, and at least register a Twitter account, start following @smacc2013 and #smacc2013, (if you want help doing this, let me know, if you get a new account, be sure to follow me as well, @edexam!), and watch the most cutting edge discussion of Critcal Care medicine ever seen happen, right in front of your eyes. I’ll be there in person, and will be happy to answer any of your questions about the conference or how to follow it. So climb on, and take the SMACC ride!

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