Social Networking Enabled

Well, we’ve succmbed and as you’ll see by the icons to the right, you can now follow us on Facebook, Twitter and by RSS. It took a while for us to be convinced that social networking can help you pass the fellowship exam, but it may have some usefulness, so we’ve put it on.

We still believe in the principle that it’s not called “exam networking” and therefore can still be a fatal time-trap, as it’s far more interesting to surf around hundreds of twitter posts looking for potentially useful factoids, rather than wrote learning the causes of foot drop, or hypo-phosphataemia (yes you need to know that…), but at the same time, the world of Emergency Medicine, and Medical Education is in a dramatic state of flux at the moment and you do need to have your finger/s on the pulse/s of what’s going on out there, as there some very progressive thinkers/do-ers advancing our specialty at light speed.

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