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Good luck for the clinicals this week!

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Get Cracking On Your Clinicals!

Alright, tomorrow it’s a week since the writtens.  Hopefully you’ve had a week off, somewhat re-connected with your significant others, had a few beers/wines, and caught up a bit on your sleep debt.  Let of your doubts about whether or not you’ve passed the writtens go and move on.  It’s now time to get on with your clinical exam preparation. 

Check out our collection of SCE’s which you can download for free (login required).

Make sure you watch all of our Short Case preparation videos sourced from around the net…

and get started on your long case practice, you want to be aiming to present one long case a week between now and Adelaide.

For the Adelide locals, if you have any good tips on good accommodation, nice restaurants or anything else you think may help our upcoming candidates, drop me a line.

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Examination Kits for the Clinical Exam

I was lucky enough to get to help out at the recent 2012.2 Clinical Exam in Melbourne, and some of the candidates generously allowed me to have a look at their examination kits so I could share with you what goes into a great examination kit.

Here’s my article on Examination Kits for the Clinical Exam, feel free to leave a comment if you have any other tips or suggestions!


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Good luck for the ACEM clinicals this weekend!

For those coming to Melbourne for the ACEM clinical exams this weekend, good luck!

The exams are being held in an outer suburban area of Melbourne, so the options for fine dining are a bit limited.  If you’re getting in to town a day or two early (as we strongly recommend) it’d be worth your while to catch a cab in to Chapel Street, WIndsor, and have a stroll around, there’s loads of good restaurants there, or pick your favourite venue in the city and catch a train in.

You could also cab it in to StKilda, and I’d highly recommend going to Cicciolina on Acland Street.  You can’t book a table, but if you arrive early (before 6pm) you’ll  likely get a seat.  Alternatively if you want to go a bit more upmarket, you can’t go past Donovan’s down on the waterfront.  Great atmosphere, great food & wine.

If you’d rather stay local, and like asian food, I’d recommend going to The River Kwai, in Clayton (it’s just down the road from Monash Medical Centre).  It’s a great Thai & Burmese restaurant, but is very busy, so make sure you book.

If you need any tips on Melbourne this week/weekend feel free to drop me a line, and I’ll be helping out at the short & long cases on Saturday (at Moorabbin), so may see you there!

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Xray Description in Written Exam Answers

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Emergency Medicine Tutorials

Can’t believe we hadn’t stumbled across this amazing site until now!  EMT is a great online resource, with a collapsable menu down the left hand side that is the equivalent of a textbook index.  Hidden away in these directories you will find oodles of information, most of it’s in nice succinct summary format, there’s journal articles to download, loads of references, as well as free mp3’s of a lot of the content, and a podcast you can access via iTunes, and it’s all written from the Aus/NZ/ACEM-Exam perspective.

As they clearly state on the welcome page, “you won’t find everything you need to know” on the site, but it’s still a bloody good resource for those preparing for the exam.

There’s also some really good practical tips for those starting out in ED, and some great “self care” tips for those Registrars slogging it out day to day in busy ED’s, some of which you can apply to your study routine, 

Here’s an example of a simply written, but really useful tidbit of information from the site: Dental Anaesthesia.


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Good Luck for the GC!

For those off to the Gold Coast Clinicals this weekend, all the best!  Think positive, stay relaxed & focused, and make sure all that hard work pays off!

See you on the other side…

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For those off to the G.C.

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