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Liver disease – Fast Facts

I found myself going over some abnormal LFT’s with a medical student at work the other day, and once again pulled out my summary that I wrote for the Fellowship Exam.  It’s a summary I wrote with information compiled from textbooks, some review articles, and even some old hand-written notes from a tute I had with the Gastro Reg at Box Hill Hospital when I was a final year medical student (over a decade ago…).  I frequently print these out at work and give them to students/RMO’s/Registrars, so I thought I’d make them freely available to anyone who wants them.  While you can argue that studying from someone elses notes is not a great way to learn, I reckon this is a pretty good point-form summary on a frequently confusing and mis-understood topic that has a lot of lists (at the least you can print the lists out, and stick them up on your bathroom mirror to help your memorisation).

Thes notes will not be useful for people who need to improve their conceptual understanding of liver disease. You will need to read through a few textbooks or DrGoogle for this.

These notes will be very useful for those who understand the pathophysiology of liver diseas and just need the fast facts, particularly for the VAQ and SCE exams.

Click here to download a copy of my Hepatic Diseas notes, and feel free to leave a comment (below) if you like them or can suggest any improvements.

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